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Vibrator In The Rear

I love to ********** with a well lubed vibrator in my ***. I have the most intense experiences that way. I'm riding my favorite vibrator right now as I type this.
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I love to type with a butt plug firmly up my *** !!

never unplugged on EP !

Getting ready to go to work, I hate to have to take my plug out But I have to go through a security gate and have been patted down I would hate to have a hand slip and feel a butt plug ;-) I want to order one that vibrates !! I read a story about a guy that went shopping and the cashier heard it vibrate that would be fun !!

Do you like butt plugs ?

I do it all day and night long

Relax and self control ...

Havent tried a vibrator yet. I do like strokin myself when I have butt plug in...fantasising its a horny shaved stud fudcking me like I'm his ***** !

Love it !

Feels amazing having an ****** with something in your ***.

... you're lucky, the vibration really does nothing for me. Perhaps you should check out some of those vibrating prostate massagers .... I'd imagine you'd get along very well.