So I'm Not Alone .

If I mention that MGG is my ideal man I often get laughed at ,
I think he is the finest looking human on earth and it's nice to see I'm not alone .
Of course his character Spencer only adds to the intrigue but I have always had a thing for geeky looking guys .
He is pure perfection .
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13 Responses May 26, 2011

that's the guy on Criminal Minds correct I think he's a pretty good actor myself enjoy that show

I would love to dress up like Emily Prentiss and then seduce Dr Spencer Reid into my bed!!!!


Dr.Reid was also a Tommy hill model too so its not a surprise. I like his character too. Not having a mancrush moment.

i won't laugh at ya because i think he's pretty damned hot too!

Emily Prentiss. Oh I wish I looked like her!!!

whatever happened to the girl who favored her appearance before her? I know she was shot but I can't seem to find what happened to here

Omg, he is so fine.. I just love tall, lean white boys...Yummy! Especially, when they have brains, or at least act like they do. He also has amazing lips and I know exactly where he could put those;) What's funny is that he actually looks like he could be Jane Lynch's son, but I am not sure if she ever had sex with a, wait she is his dad--that's it!

Anyone that has no qualms about voicing a teenage Chipmunk...HOT! No, really. He's incredibly sexy, and he plays Spencer with perfection. Even if they had replaced him with Jackson Rathbone (who could be his brother in looks, if you really look at them), it wouldn't be the same. Matthew Gray Gubler is perfection on two legs!

i no right hes so cute but hes a bit old

i'm sad because he's thirty-one and i'm thirteen, and it is illegal, though i had a dream he became seventeen and i was all :3<br />
Anyways, his birthday is the day before mine and i really hope that one day i'll meet him, and maybe then the eighteen years age difference will seem like nothing :)

He's the only reason i watch Criminal Minds :D

I agree

i love this guy,he is a living doll.........................................................brucie

Oh Brucie , behave :)

I love the Dr. Spencer Reid character. He is amazing and I would totally love to talk to the character. <br />
MGG is obviously amazing too.<br />
I would wish he could somehow adopt me and then raise me to be a sexy hot actor like himself.<br />
If MGG is reading this, I am available to join the cast of Criminal Minds as a new regular immediately.

I that guy and his character...just goes to show beauty and brains are a lethal combination!