He Is So Eccentric And Frickin Adorable.....

i wrote a fan letter..and i got a reply back!!!! plus a funky gublerland sketch.....soooo rad!!! It was more of a thank you letter. I thanked MGG for a honest portrayal of people who have guilt and obligation in what they do.....that there job becomes a lifestyle. I had a hard job in my 20s. and im recuperating from stress and depression. i also hope he falls in love with me.....i love charles bukowski and john waters and horror movies too!!! soooo nerdy...lol cheers y'all
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2 Responses May 25, 2012

Hey! I went to the Gublerland website.....theres a letters@Gublerland email addy to send it.to. In serious MGG love and solidarity ....lol lol lol good luck -June

Hey, can you send me the address where I can send him a letter? You can just message me if you want, I don't mind. I love him so much.