He Plays Two People I Love

The first person Matt plays is Spencer Reid. He's a very awesome character, and I know there are real people out there that are similar to Dr. Reid. So he portrays that character very real, and emotional. I particularly love the episode "Koda" where he connects with an Autistic boy named Sam. By far, my favorite episode of Criminal Minds where Spencer was an essential team member of the BAU. (Not that he isn't always, mind you!)

Matthew also does the voice of Simon Seville in the live action Chipmunk movies. I cannot stress enough how amazing he does. Yes, I know, the voices are manipulated and sped up, but the tones aren't. So when Simon says things like, "Seriously?!" to one of Alvin's shinannigans, it's Matt's tone that makes it funny. I also wonder if he was behind the French accent, as I have never heard him use such an accent in person!  (This is all reference to Chipwrecked, by the way, my favorite movie in the series so far!)

I really hope that Criminal Minds continues for a long time, and that Matthew doesn't end up leaving the show/being killed off. Because I would be very sad! 

It looks like the Chipmunk movies are done, but I am now in the process of collecting the three of them to have that part of Matthew close to me! Thanks again, Matthew, for being an amazingly awesome guy.

Love, AgilePhoenix
AgilePhoenix AgilePhoenix
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Jul 10, 2012