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Topless Holiday

I just did a story about my wife and being topless on holiday.  The short version is she doesn't want to be naked or topless in public because she isn't 36-24-36 any more.  When she was she loved to be topless/naked in public and really got a charge out  of being looked at by as many men as possible. 

No matter how many times I say it, it doesn't matter I consider her just as sexy now as when she was 36-24-36 and there are many men who have the same opinion I do.  We love mature well built women.  To me they are sexier than skinny chicks.  My wife likes to watch Project Runway and I see all those skinny young chicks and go not for me thanks.  Last night when I was ******* her while she was standing up and facing away from me, seeing that mature well built *** really did it for me.

gettinsum1 gettinsum1 56-60, M 5 Responses Feb 22, 2010

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Yes, there is something about a sexy, mature, well-built (leaning towards the plump side) woman. Their bodies are so curvy, sensuous, and inviting. They just exude raw sexuality! Much hotter than some little skinny girl.

I agree. Models that are skinny are not sexy. Curvy mature women are.

Mine was a 36C and is now a 38-40E - magnificent! You're a lucky man, so keep reassuring her about how you feel about her womanly form. You might like to know that I've just created an EP group for those who appreciate real women like ours: see 'Love Womanly Bellies'...

I've almost got the same problem, except my wife has never been 36-24-36.<br />
When we met she was 38d, big belly, firm and pert ***, and I convinced her that she was beautiful enough to go naked on the beach and swims.<br />
Unfortunatly she's put more weight on, and whilst she's happy to be naked at home, or in front of a lover, I can't get her to go nude in public anymore.