Mature Women In Pantyhose

Mom got me hooked on pantyhose back in the 60's and 70s. Her and her friends always wore them 24/7. I always loved the look of older women in pantyhose. Especially the ones who love to display their gorgeous legs and bodies in short skirts/dresses and 4'' plus heels when they are in their 50's and up. I love to collect pics of mature women in pantyhose but they are rare, much to my disappointment. Most of the older women I know who wear pantyhose, know how to wear them, which means no panties. And they love having their legs adored.
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Браво самая лучшая тема,как я обожаю зрелых женщин,а их колготки это просто сказка,я очень люблю заниматься с ними любовью.

My mother and aunts got me turned on to hose - very naughty, sexy, and delicious

you guys would love my wife then.... she is now 65 yo.. most my pics of her are in her mid 40s.. mostly wearing pantyhose... pantys underneath pantyhose... in a sexy swimsuit with pantyhose under it... in a girdle garter and stockings.. with pantyhose underneath.. i love them too

Women wearing pantyhose is always hot. It's even hotter when I too am wearing pantyhose. Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.

I love your pantyhose and pinkk pumps. You look so sexy.

I fly to Seatle occasionally. You welcome a visit??

Great post. I love the way women look when they wear pantyhose and I especially appreciate how they look when they do not wear panties with them.

Love the story!! Mature women in pantyhose are so very hot. You're correct - they know how sexy it is to wear them without panties. I love having sex while wearing pantyhose with a woman who is wearing them as well.

I too love older women in pantyhose. I think the larger butt/chunky thigh women look best in them and over 50 gets me going.

I might post some pics on my profile page.