Friend's Mother

When I was 16, one of my team-mate's mother and I began a year-long love affair. She had been widowed for over a year and one day a few of us were over at their house swimming in their pool. She was always very friendly to me and, while I often fantasized about her, figured that she was out of my league. That day, I had on a really form-fitting swimsuit (honestly, I wasn't sure that I should wear it there) and I noticed her watching me. As I got ready to leave, she asked me when I had lunch during the day. They were close to the high school and our school had two lunch periods. I told her that I had the later one and she told me that, on Monday, she would be in the parking lot and that I'd have lunch with her. I still didn't think much of it. I thought maybe she wanted me to do something related to her son.

She met me in the parking lot. She had arranged this with the school, I found out--I was going to help her with something. We went back to her house and so began a year of making love once a week. Usually, it was after school but sometimes it was a lunch hour session which I always found very exciting. She was a very giving and generous lover and I attempted to be the same for her. My friend never found out and the affair ended when she started dating someone closer to her age.

Fogarty Fogarty
51-55, M
Jul 25, 2010