One Of My Best Friends

I have written here about my friend Misuk. She just turned 61, she has been a widow for a while, and she was a "bar girl" in Korea (where she met her late husband, a soldier). When my g/f left the country to visit her family, she had Misuk look after me. We became very intimate during that month and this has continued with my g/f's blessing, I might add. Misuk's daughter, somewhat younger than me, was at first not too fond of the idea but recently told me that she is so glad her mother is happy. I liked hearing that. Misuk, although I always thought she took good care of herself, is taking even better care of herself. She walks on the treadmill every day, has started coloring her hair, and has started wearing jewelry even when she is otherwise nude (which is pretty often). In fact, the nudity is the one thing her daughter said she had the toughest time getting used to but now she is a frequent visitor and seems ok with things. My relationship with my g/f is strong and she and Misuk really like each other.

I'm very lucky.
Fogarty Fogarty
51-55, M
Jul 25, 2010