I Love Older Women

The Older Woman

   One of my strongest desires is to take care of a woman fully and whole heartedly. I love to have a woman look into my green eyes and get lost in them. I always loved to eat ***** even since I was a teenager I knew I loved the aroma and taste of a womans *****. Even though I was a late bloomer sexually I knew I could not do without the taste of a woman.
     I had been wanting more and more to practice and fullfill my desires. I was always a big flirt in school and outside in the public I would go talk to women or girls it didn't matter to me. One day I met a woman who piqued my interest so I began to talk to her. She was very beautiful and elegant about what we were talking about so I asked if she would like to go out later on that night. I got her number and left to go to work. 
   While I was at work I couldn't stop thinking about her and the plans that were running thru my head. I knew I shouldn't be planning anything but my mind would just wander off into randomness. When my first break came I called her up and asked if she would like go get something to eat and catch a movie. She agreed to my date purposal and was going to pick out the movie and place to go eat. I told her I'd call again later on at my second break. I went back to work but was useless the rest of the time just thinking about spending the evening with her. As the second break approached I felt a twinge and knew there was something wrong. When the break came I hurried upstairs and got on the phone....ring....ring.....ring....then she answered and I told her that I was getting off early if it would be okay for an earlier date time. She said she wasn't feeling good but that she wanted me to come over to her house so I could spend more time with her. I agreed and asked for the address and what I needed to bring for her to eat she told me it was taken care of so not to worry about it.
     I drove to her house from the directions she gave me and when I get there there are only a couple lights on so I knock on the door. I hear a voice yell and ask is that you Ricky and I answer yes it is. The next thing I hear is come in I will be with you in a moment. When I enter the house all I can say is OMG I have the most beautiful woman laying there naked on the dining room table saying dinner is served. I rush over to her and kiss her deeply and she says why waste time when we both want this and can spend all night treating ourselves. I smiled with my silly smirk and said you are absolutely right. I began to kiss and nibble on her neck watching her move around with pleasure. All the while my hands were running up and down softly on her smooth skin and her hands were eagerly taking off my clothes. I stopped looked into her eyes and asked her to slow down and let me take care of her. I began to run my tongue down her side slowly giving small kisses and tiny nibbles to her sides and slowly rubbing her nipples and softly pinching them. I let one of my hands slip down to her inner thigh ever so slightly touching her ***** but not stopping just barely touching it and hearing a small gasp come from her made me twinge with excitement. I knew I was on the right track every time i could see her body squirm and wiggle. I continued my way down her body making sure I hit all the right spots that make her let out a slight moan. As I heard her moan I knew that she wanted me to take care of her right then and there.
    As I approached her ***** I could hear her gasp and feel her hands begin to run thru my hair. I began to run my tongue up and down the lips of her ***** tasteing the juices that have come out of her. I love the smell and taste so I begin to run my tongue inside of her trying to lick all the juices out of her, only stopping at the lips of her ***** to give them a little nibble. I felt her hands start to push on the back of my head so I plunge deeper inside of her with my tongue. I go faster and faster increasing my speed each time. As I can feel her muscles start to contract around my tongue I pull out and stop. She looked down at me and ask me why I stopped. I told her it is not time for that to happen so I go up and start sucking on her **** licking it while I suck it deep into my mouth. Now I insert a finger inside her and instantly I feel her ***** pull my finger all the way inside of her. I begin to rotate my finger inside of her all the while I'm starting to suck and lick her harder and faster. I can tell by how hard she was pushing on the back of my head that she was ready to explode with her delightful juices. I now insert a second finger inside of her and as my finger finally enters her fully I felt her  ***** spasm around my fingers. It feels so gosh darn good that I could hold back no longer. My fingers started ramming her slightly harder and felt the juices run around my fingers that's when I can not stop sucking and licking on her faster and harder. Her body starts to shake and squirm trying to get away but I pull her back to me so I can have all of her juices. As her body starts to come back to normal I suck her **** back into my mouth and kiss and lick it one last time. She pulls me up to kiss her  deeply and look into my eyes.

    She was 32 and I was only 18 at the time it was one of the most exciting time in my life.           
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36-40, M
Jul 29, 2010