I Love Them So Much, But My Experience Is So Limited

As long as I can remenber I have had sexual desires for cougars/milfs/mature women... maybe being the youngest in my entire family, by far, and growing up with beautiful mature women always around me has something to do with this. I can remember all my sisters friends hanging around. she is 16 yrs older than me so they were always quiete a bit older.

I think about mature women everyday of my life. I have this almost need for mature woman. I dont find girls my age attractive.

here's my problem. I have only ****** two mature milfs.. its terrible for a guy that loves them so much. I have sex with girls my age, but i cant fill my sexual desires.

So im calling on people to tell me how they do it.. how do they seduce older women into bed? where, how, what works best? I want to know, so I can finally be a satisfied man.
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5 Responses Mar 2, 2011

Add us especially if you are in shape and under 30. Let's chat and maybe I can hook u up to meet my wife in the NY city area.

How about this approach? Watch the lingerie section at stores and if you see an older lady you're attracted to, stop, approach her and tell her you couldn't help but notice how beautiful she is, and invite her to lunch. Even if she doesn't go to lunch with you, I guarantee you will make her day! (This unlikely scenario actually happened to me once.)

She might think he's an opportunist perv for hanging out in the lingerie department.

Being in this category, I disagree with the "dirty jokes" comment. Women like to be touched. If you're out somewhere and find a woman attractive, look directly into her eyes while you two are talking. Touch her hand, her shoulder, smile, sit closer, listen to what she is saying when she talks, smile, touch her arm, her knee...

Come to my place...no need to worry about how to seduce...I will show you! ;)

aspire for right time right place and right person and universe will provide. visualize!