When I Got Caught

In the 70s I discoverd that I wanted to push the envelope a little , I had jacked off in the garage looking out at the lady next door . she would come home from work at the same tome day after day , as spring came in she would get changed & back out side in short pants to work in the yard. I would find a reason to be in the shop with the door up and standing over in the corner , where it was dark .day after day i would do this , The end of may came I must have been all of 13 maybe 14 I found that when I would watch her I would become really hard , and one day I unzipped my pants & let my **** out standing behind a large trash can in my dads shop ... the lady next door could not seenothing but my head if she looked . This went on for a few days then I wanted to puch more I took my shirt of and pulledmy pants down just be for she was to get home with the door pushed up , here she come up her drive , I started to rubb my **** she got out of her car with not even a look , and into her house , but I was to far gone to stop , i jerked off come rushed out of my **** , on to the floor , I felt so guilty .
about 3, days later I got my nerve back and done it again , but with this differance , when shae got of her car I said somthing , I dont remember what , but my **** was about to explode , she didnt even look , so I cleared my voice then she looked I forgot to pull the trash can over to cover my jackingoff , & she saw me with my **** in my hand , then I really was to far gone as she stepped up onto her step Icame all over evey thing
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sweet let her enjoy too

I love this. It is a sweet story. I have a few of those from a woman's point of view. I have teased younger men but it did not seem like I should post them here. Not sure about the rules of teasing young men. xoxo lindy

I think you should post them .. honey yeah

Oh yes, moist, you must post them.

That's hot... mmm

How did it continue?

thats it ,, she never said any thing of it ,, as much as I at the time wish she would have ask me to come cut the grass or somthing and say you know I saw you the other day .. i liked what you got .. let me see it again and

Lol great fun :-)

I am wondering, what she did next? like did she come over and talk to you? or just keep looking at you when she was out, wondering if you were jacking off again to her?

This is a fun and exciting story my friend, the awesome things that we all did when we were young, wow!!!!! What great memories!!!!! :)

Cool. I was too shy too at that age to advance the stakes and just approach the situation for what it may offer. I guess it was fear of rejection. I've since found I get more interest when I let others know I'm open to possibilities and "no" is OK, some aren't open to some things.

As a young teen, I can remember jacking off to the image of a number of neighborhood women, Sears catalog bra photos of women - anything was fair game!

same here ,, and the first time or 10 ... I felt guilty as hell ...but I grew out of it

That is such a sexy story! As an older woman today, I would have been very flattered!!!<br />
Did she reward you in any way?<br />
I think you deserved a reward!<br />
<br />
You finished off right when she came in the picture! Both when you were 14 and in your story now :)))<br />
<br />
I enjoyed your confession, it is beautiful!!!<br />
<br />
In a way I wish it was me............hmmmmmmmmmmmm.... maybe u would have been too young, <br />
So tell me, do you always get what you want ;) ?<br />
<br />
M. xxx

I wish just as all young men to have lover older , a friends mom , lady next door ... but to answer your ? no very rearly do I get what i want , in that mannor .. howe ever i I want bad enough ... i make thangs happen ,

idid the same with stroking in steps pantys...quick run in to her room to stroke while she was downstairs on taking all clothes off and doing it to finally creeping half way down stairs naked and stroking in to her pantys

That has to be the ultimate compliment!

to who


I done a lot more , just kept pushing the envelope

So did you keep doing it?