Call/text Mature Women?

Hello there. I am 19 male. I go to college. I am from California and I would love beautiful and smart mature women to call or text. Nothing weird but they have more experience and that is why I love them. You can be married, single, or in need of love, affection, or compliments. My number is 1 408 772 8919. We can talk about anything. Also if you have any friends that need the same comfort, tell them also. The more the merrier. I hope I can hear from you :)

Text or call. If i don't answer, just leave a message. Say who you are so I don't get confused haha. thank you :)
kidcurry92 kidcurry92
18-21, M
1 Response May 5, 2012

How about exchanging messages or email?<br />

ok sure. :) email me.

tell me who you are lol