It Has Always Been An Interest...

From the time I was young boy I have always had an interest in older women. I can recall being a pre-teen and having a to stay with a woman that was a co-worker of my mother's who I thought I was absolutely hot. I remember her showing up at our house for a holiday get together toting along a Playboy magazine because a friend of hers was in that issue.

It seemed from that point that older women dominated my relationships with women. Most of the women, or should I say Girls, that were my age never seemed interested in me. Older women, more than 10 or so my senior, always seemed to be the ones that flirted with me. This I think left an impact on me and one that has remained all my life.

After I got out of college it seemed I again was drawn towards older women. I remember one of my first forays into cyber was with an older woman who I eventually met in person. Never had sex with her, which was a shame, but we spent a few moments that had me wanting so much more. As time went on and I got involved in the internet, almost all of my cyber and phone sex partners were older than me. I found comfort in these women and enjoyed their experience. They enjoyed my youthfulness and desire. Great trade off if I do say so myself.

Now that I am approaching 50 I am still drawn to older women. Course now they are women that are my age but they are still the kind of woman I was always drawn to. I've never had a really great success with younger women and it still is apparent now. I usually consider a range of 10 to 15 years older and younger than me to a good range for finding partners. Although some younger women have fit the need nicely, it is still an older mature woman that is preferable.

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I absolutely agree with terra. With that said, most men in my age group, need to have someone who is younger and let's say "tighter" in body tone. They prefer someone with little or no brain who will look up at them like they are king and bat their eyelashes at them. <br />
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I treat a man with gentleness and respect as long as he gives back what is given. I appreciate men who don't have to "strut their stuff" - I just want them to be who they are. If they are gentlemen, bliss. If all they want to do is yank my chain beware - I yank back harder.