Where Are All The Mature Women? Where Can A Man Meet Women That Are Looking For Men?

I am a mature male just turning 60.  I think I represent the thinking of most men born in the baby boom generation.  We grew up in innocent times.  Playboy was considered **** and most women thought oral sex was unnatural.   Today, sex is everywhere... on front pages of women's magazines checking out of the grocery store, at the movies, on TV every night and everywhere on the internet.   Depicted in all these images are younger women that all drip of sexuality.   Missing for most images of sexuality are those of mature women.   

I, for one, prefer a mature woman.  I am not interested in the sex life of a 30 or 40 somthing.  I want to know what a mature woman wants in her life.  I want to know how to connect and get aquainted with a mature woman.  They are the generation that are not into the bar scene and PLEASE it is not the woman that is active in their local church.  I do not need to be converted or become active in their church.   I just want to get connected!  To talk, chat, engage in a little laughter and attend a baseball game or go to the movie.   And, if the chemistry is right.... reach over and put my hand behind her neck and pull her toward me for a light, gentle kiss....  

I am divorced and wondering where on goes to find mature women that I have something in common with.  Would love to here from women that will share their insight of how (Older) mature men and woman can meet. 

martinjohnsonkc martinjohnsonkc
56-60, M
1 Response Jun 9, 2012

dude, they are all around you...