My First Love Encounter Was With A Woman Older Than I Was At The Time

When I was at my first real job after high school I met this young women - still older than I was by about 5 years but with prior experiences with men. This was in Nedw York City and at that time I had never experienced any sex relations anywhere. We both work at the same location which gave us the the opportunity to go into Central Park less than 2 blocks away. She was a very attractive woman in her mid twenties and we have been conversing and getting more acquainted with each other for about three weeks prior to this adventure to the park. I can now think back and would classified this - my first sexual encounter a case where she "seduced" me, but what a glorious first experience! Since that day on I have always being attracted to older women.

Not until my mid-forties when I met a woman younger than I but with a history of experience with men relationships and maturity did I have the opportunity to be with a younger woman who had given me a taste of stabilty, experiece , and love.

I have since learned that maturity is a very important factor in any relationship. Love may come and may also dissapear but it is less likely to happen if both parties bring experiences with the opposite sex and mature to keep the relationship going. it is for that reason that I think that the older women is more attractive to most any man that seeks a steady relationship with a woman. In the case of the younger woman,If you are lucky enough to find a younger than 40 woman that is attracted to you and shows a sense of maturity, Hold on to her! There is a shortage of this type under age 40.

jrldev jrldev
Dec 5, 2012