One Of My Favorite Authors

Maya Angelou has been one of my favorite authors ever since I was in the fourth grade. I remember going to the school's library when I was looking for something different to read. Upon skimming the pages of the book, I saw pictured of lynched black men while white men and their young kids burned his body, laughing. I was interested in reading about what would make them do that to that man and what would make them all sit around with their kids no less and laugh at a burning body.

Upon reading the book, the picture itself was accompanied by Maya Angelou's poems. The poem with the picture was accompanied by Angelou's poem, "And Still I Rise." After reading her poem for the first time, I remember letting the words take me somewhere I've never been and then turned to glance at the picture, which disgusted me beyond words for the lack of humanity they felt as someone just like them hung from a tree, someone who had a soul, someone who was human, someone who was a son or a father with a family, someone who they probably hunted down as though or if he was a wild animal -- and here they stood with what looked like a bonfire beneath this man laughing and pointing but what disgusted me most of all was there wasn't one face in the crowd that showed a least bit of compassion for what they were doing, not even the child.

But as I read the poem again and stared at the pictures at the end of each line with the phrase, "And Still I Rise," I felt something upon reading it that I didn't get before. Angelou had conveyed with her words how far we as a people had come, she'd conveyed with her words a confidence that I'd never heard from another black person, she'd conveyed that we'll, as a people, will rise despite any and everything they or anyone else can put us through. It give me a sense of confidence and a sense of optimism for where we've come from and where we'll go in the future.

That's not my only favorite poem of Angelou's, though. I love everything she's ever written. She's so candid and is capable of showing what she speaks of. She's my role model when it comes down to my poetry and has inspired me to write so much and I'll contine to do so.
Dimples87 Dimples87
26-30, F
Jun 4, 2011