So Good

When I eat at McDonald's I get a thing of fries and a fruit and yogurt cup thing. I think its upsetting that there soda taste so watered down or I would order a soda too. I like them with salt too some places do not put salt of there fries. I do not really like salt with other foods as much but it is a must have with McDonald's fries.
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2 Responses Jul 30, 2010

Hehehe sorry about that CuriousSgt. <br />
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They are pretty good with out ketchup on them, "I do put ketchup on them off and on" Most of the time I eat them without.

They are the best but I too have to limit my salt intake. Rather being overstuffed on them most anything else, and please no Ketchup or Catsup on them, just plain, good to the last fry.