Simple Way To Cook Chicken Soup

I am still learning to cook when i have free times. The first dish remembered cooking it  was 10 years ago
and everynow and then i still cook this soup. Now i would like to share with everyone i know because
its real easy . You can use an electrical slow cooker pot if you have one or a normal one will also do..
First wash your chicken (half or whole) put it in your slow pot or normal pot. Some white pepper seed crashed,
some glove of whole garlic,1or 2 whole onion chopped,some cut carrots and potatoes. Put everything inside
your pot and add water (1 or 1.5litres) Using slow cooker just switch to low heat and goes to work or goes shopping, By the time 4 or 5 hours later
when you come back. Wah la you got your chicken soup ready to eat. Just don forget to add a little salt before serve.
Cooking in normal pot guess you have to watch over it at low heat and let it boil for 45 minutes or so.Now didn't i tell
you its simple and easy. Enjoy.

pierrelee pierrelee
41-45, M
7 Responses Aug 9, 2010

why'd you put it on I love mcdonalds fries?

Would like to try in one day .........Many thanks for sharing,Pierre...

Would like to try it one day? You mean cook it or try it after i cook it? Ha.. ha..

Thank you for sharing too.. Grandmother is right because i also know celery & onions goes well in any soup. I do love soup never enough. Using Allspice to supercede pepper? Heha.. real interesting and i always cook just enough so never had left over in the fridge. Cheers.

Thank you perseverer i hope you would like it for health reason you may want to remove the chicken skin by the way.. cheers..

Pierrelee this sounds like an excellent recipe and it will give me a good excuse for bringing out the slow cooker which I haven't used in years.

Hey Marie.. If you want a good clear soup. After washing the chicken pour hot boiling water over it before putting it into your cooking pot that will give you a clear soup result. And optional you may like to add a can of button mushroom. cheers...

Wow, that sounds so easy. Maybe I should give it a try.