I'll Take A Double Qp With Cheese, Please

That double QP without the messy sauce of the Big Mac is good - I would like that with fries and eat in so everything is hot.

Update: 6-12-13
I don't get to go to McD's very often so when I was sent to the shopping center and wait there for further instructions I waited in the McD's and I did just exactly what I said I would do: Double QP, large fries and eat in!! So good.
70+, M
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They got a veggieburger yet?

I don't think so, but I really don't know.

They ought to do that, though; those things can taste pretty darn good.

now im in the mood for Mc. Donalds...again!

Let's make it a party

Please do not include me, I party alone. :-*


Not so fast my friend, "just you" are include in my alone party. :-*

Thank you.

You are so welcome. :-*

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Like me too! chicken nugget combo with sweet and sour sauce, mmmm would eat some now!

Let's go before the 24 hour MickyD changes to its breakfast menu.

Yeah! reply wen you ready.

I'll be ready as soon as I can get to Florida.

Wonderful!! MWAH

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