How I Learnd to Love Mcfly!

Okey, so I love McFly and I can give you a alot  of reasons as to why.

But first how I realised McFly existed, it all started when my friend bought the movie Just my Luck. I'm not quite sure why because like me, she isn't the biggest fan of Lindsay Lohan:) Still I think it was one of the best things she's ever done! We watched the movie, tought that it was crap but fell in love with the cute guys that played the band.

My friend spent the next week downloading tons of their music after realizing that the band was real and not actors. I didn't get hooked imediately but after watching the music video to Transylvania I couldn't think of anything else!! I spent the next 24 hours at the computer listening to their FANTASTIC music and watching every singel clip there was about them on youtube.  I was in love:D

My favorite is Danny<3 He is the hottest guitarist EVER! (Don't get mad at me, I love the other guys as well!) They're funny and hot and talanted. Unlike other boybands (uuh, how I loath that word) they acctually play their own instruments and write their own music!

I couldn't possibly choose a best song or a best album, I like every singel song! But if I have to name a fue of my favorit songs I would say:

Bubbel wrap, Transylvania, Not Alone, Walk in the Sun, Too close for comfort, I've got you, Five colours in her hair, Sorry's not good enough... and many more! Even if a song is sad you still get happy when listening to their music!  

Now i have been a fan for almost 6 months, I have bought tons of stuff over the internet and me and my friend are going to go to England to their next tour "Greatest hit's yet". Yes!!! It wasn't the easiest thing to do to convince my mum to come with me and my friend to Birmingham in th middel of November but I'm an exellent convincer!:D We live in Finland so it isn't exactly cheap eather but if anything is worth my money it's MCFLY!

Loving life n' McFly!

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2 Responses Aug 14, 2007

OMG!!! I am in LOVE with this band i can't believe you r 2!!! my email is plz e-mail me! Dougie is my favourite by the way!

YEP! He's so sweet, don't you think?!