Why I Love Mcfly

Why I Love McFly by Sophia Hope Sweeney


McFly have always been my favourite band ever since they came out way back in 2004 and when their 1st single "5 colours in her hair" was released. That was when i truely fell in love with their music and ever since then i have collected and have all their singles, albums, posters & dvds in my room. I've seen them in concert at list 10 times and they have beaten my expectations, I've also been lucky enough to have met them in person at least 5 times. They are my idols and i have loads of favourite songs by them, but ive narrowed them down to 5 colours in her hair & not alone from their 1st album, she falls asleep & ive got you from the 2nd album, from the american album they released cause they where in  just my luck with lindsay lohan is just my  luck and then please please & walk in the sun from the 3rd album and from radioactive i would have to choose Lies, The Last Song & One For The Radio..

I idolise them so much and i have been inspired thanks to tom to start singing & take guitar lessons & write my own songs!!!



sophiehopesweeney sophiehopesweeney
18-21, F
Feb 22, 2010