Snowy Loves Her Gestures :)

I LOVE gestures! I love to send them and receive them.. I love them all (ok maybe not sponge bath or stink eye) but the for the most part I love them all.
When I log on and see that I have gestures I am always surprised and grateful that someone took the time to send them. It makes me feel special and appreciated.
I like sending them for many reasons, I am a mood watcher and when I see my friends who may be lonely or sad I want to send them something to let them know I am thinking of them.  I can empathize with a situation, hug someone who may need it, love & kiss someone…my all time favorite and FINALLY added is ‘Smitten with’ . I wrote a story about a year ago asking for that one… I can’t wait to use it some!!
Thanks to all of my friends that take the time to send me a is much appreciated!!
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23 Responses Aug 5, 2010

Me too zall1rog! <br />
It's been fun using the new one :)

I love em!!!

Hey Iza!! Gestures coming your way :)


LMAO@FG- No stink eye, no spongebath- ughhh !! I like the new ones and I want more :) ...I always want more :))

ewwww don't "sponge bath" me unless you want a "stinky eye" back. I wish they had a "dutch oven" gesture to use just for the right occasion lol... I would say a good "sponge bath" deserves a "dutch oven" in reply. hehe!

Exactly can make all the difference in the world :)

Roxanne, I hear you !!! I'll shower you with Gestures. Thanks for letting me know you enjoy them.. <br />
<br />
To be honest I love them too. Shows that someone is thinking about me and care for me.

You are so right Snowbunny. Especially from the one you love.

chris- aww that's my FAV!! XOXOX<br />
<br />
josie-dontcha just love them ? :)

Yes, you are soooooo right.

I feel very smitten towards you. mmmmmmmmmmm

doc- thanks my friend :-)

I am sending you one.

AllAboutLaffs- You are too sweet ! Gestures are the best huh? I love sending them and receiving them..I love choosing a certain gesture for certain EP friends!! And I love the new ones they have added ... :-)))

marcus- is there a tsk tsk just sayin<br />
<br />
Des- i know the feeling it took forever to get Smitten with added ( a year I believe).Hang in there and keep trying, we really do need a lot of new ones..<br />
<br />
WIB-I'm gonna send some back to ya girlfriend :) <br />
<br />
Roxanne- You couldnt have said it better...its always the little things that mean a lot huh ?

I love gestures to Snowbunny. It's those little things in life that let's someone know they are being thought about.

I agree snowbunny ... sending you some now! and I love the new ones too!

hey des:<br />
<br />
EPArsineh recently hit me and snowy up for suggestions in that vein. You might want to PM her or you like, snowy or me can forward that on to her.<br />
<br />
Not coincidentally, I've noticed that EP membership renewals are coming due soon...:P

*gesture gesture* <br />
<br />

PTMAN- giving and receiving is always a good thing ;)

i'm very much the same snow, i'll send a hug or blow a kiss. i love to send and recieve.

Aww thanks Pix!! Hugs girlfriend :)