Damn You, Sandra Bullock

As mechanically challenged as I am, I used to watch "Monster Garage" just to see Jesse James.  And while I did enjoy some of the other guests on the show, it was always about Jesse.

I've seen some of his chopper specials and now, as much as I hate The Apprentice and Donald Trump, I have Celebrity Apprentice on just because Jesse James is on it.  

He is mmm, mmm good....delicious. 

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See?!?!? A nice guy AND hot!!

He and his wife was at our county fair last summer peddling his brand of Walmart clothes. I stood in line and got a chance to meet him. I got his autograph and a bandana from him. He seemed like a very cool guy, he took the time to talk to everyone, and although he was only scheduled to be there for two hours, he stayed far longer to make sure that everyone in line got to meet him. It was about 100 degree out and it would have been much easier to leave, he didn't.

I think they're jealous.<br />
<br />
But, they have nothing to be jealous about. I would definitely pick the two of them over Jesse James any day. <br />
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However, that doesn't make Jesse any less hot.

Oh Speechless, how to make you happy?<br />
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Dopecounselor, let's swoon together. *Sigh*

meh ditto

Are you jealous, Speechless? Because you have no reason to be. It would go: Das, you and THEN Jesse James.<br />
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