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Wants to know from the people in here if they have ever owned an exam table or how much the would love to own a exam table in here and what they may do with it.
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We never owned an exam table but we used our oval dining table and even an exam table that was in my wife's workplace. (She worked for a group of doctors and had access, even when the office was closed.) There was no e-bay in those days or we would have likely invested in a table for our home play doctor sessions.) My wife has been deceased for many years now, but I still recall the excitement for both of us as I examined her while she laid back on the table and ultimately having sex with her as we concluded our play. We always engaged in oral play as a part of her "examination" but we had to be careful that our play did not bring her to ******.

I have been looking for a second hand gyno table with stirrups to give realistic exams to ladies

Check e-bay; I've seen used ones for sale at what seems to be very reasonable prices.

I have a homemade exam table, and LOVE to have my wife on it for an 'exam' and other play. Yes, I made it where I can tie her to it. Knee supports instead of stirrups, and a long rod to keep her arms straight out, or just secure them at her sides, but she still can't use them. I can then play with her ****, shave her, play with either of her holes, her legs are spread wide open leaving great access. And it is just the right height to use either hole, or get a bj. <br />
The first time she squirted she was on the 'table', and shot fluid about 6 feet, after shooting over my shoulder!<br />
<br />
I sure miss it, she's just not interested any more.

Do you still have the exam table


Yes, still have it. Unfortunately, it's not been used in over 3 years. I still can't figure out what happened, but she is not interested in sex at all any more. I get a "quickie" every few weeks, but that's all.