Exam Table

Wants to know from the people in here if they have ever owned an exam table or how much the would love to own a exam table in here and what they may do with it.
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We never owned an exam table but we used our oval dining table and even an exam table that was in my wife's workplace. (She worked for a group of doctors and had access, even when the office was closed.) There was no e-bay in those days or we would have likely invested in a table for our home play doctor sessions.) My wife has been deceased for many years now, but I still recall the excitement for both of us as I examined her while she laid back on the table and ultimately having sex with her as we concluded our play. We always engaged in oral play as a part of her "examination" but we had to be careful that our play did not bring her to ******.

I have been looking for a second hand gyno table with stirrups to give realistic exams to ladies

Check e-bay; I've seen used ones for sale at what seems to be very reasonable prices.

I have owned one my ex would spread me on it and insert toy dolls in my ***** and then close my legs till I felt like i was laboring he would then use forceps to go inside me to deliever them other times he would slid his **** in with them in me and act as if he was ******* me into labor He would use the exam table to make me his experimental sex slave he would use it to insert all kinds of things inside me till i'd moan in pain I love exam tables

I have a homemade exam table, and LOVE to have my wife on it for an 'exam' and other play. Yes, I made it where I can tie her to it. Knee supports instead of stirrups, and a long rod to keep her arms straight out, or just secure them at her sides, but she still can't use them. I can then play with her ****, shave her, play with either of her holes, her legs are spread wide open leaving great access. And it is just the right height to use either hole, or get a bj. <br />
The first time she squirted she was on the 'table', and shot fluid about 6 feet, after shooting over my shoulder!<br />
<br />
I sure miss it, she's just not interested any more.

Do you still have the exam table


Yes, still have it. Unfortunately, it's not been used in over 3 years. I still can't figure out what happened, but she is not interested in sex at all any more. I get a "quickie" every few weeks, but that's all.