Medical Fantasy

I love medical-sexual-fantasies (MSF), of which I have many, but my favorite one has to be the exam table. This one I had to try and live out. So, a few years back I went into LA on a Friday afternoon early after arranging an appointment at this dungeon I found on line. I will not say the name because you are not supposed to have this type of service performed on you at this establishment or anyone like it. Yet it happened just like this.

When I got there I rang the establishments phone and told them I had arrived; they instructed me to walk across the street and enter this particular door with a number above it and head on up to the second floor. Inside there was a steel door, it opened and I went in. A young blonde girl who was dressed in a black dress greeted me; she was on the curvy side and had the brightest blue eyes and her hair pulled back in a tight ponytail. I had my bad of toys with me and she asked to look through it, which I agreed to. She saw what I had with me and went to get a clipboard and pen to ask me a few questions. We sat in this side waiting room alone and she proceeded to ask me what my fetishes were and how far I have gone etc. with them. I was honest and she stated that penetration was not supposed to happen yet “things” could be worked out.

To make a long story short, I was naked in fifteen minutes and was walking around the place with the other ladies looking me over. I got so hard it was great. I was lead into a room with a medical motif; she left the door open and started placing restraints on my wrists and ankles. Then it was up on the table for the rest of the exam. My legs went into the stirrups and I was secured in place. The feeling of being at someone else’s mercy is such a turn on for me.

She left the room and the door wide open. A few ladies walked by and smiled; one black mistress looked in and said, “little white boy gonna get ******”, hearing that phrase made my **** twitch. I started to get nervous and started shaking, good god I was turned on. She came back in this time dressed in a white latex dortors outfit with white heels. My heart was pounding…she closed the door…and then saw I was nervous…she smiled and began the session/exam.

After one hour of “examining” me she stated I was healthy, and “drained”. I was released, I showered and got dressed, tipped her generously and as I left she reached out and squeezed me *** in front of everyone really hard…I started to get hard again…
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Hot! I'd love to be the one tied in :)