Go With the Flow.

Picture yourself floating down a quiet river on a big rubber raft.  The river bed is just a few feet below you.  If you look over the side of the raft you can see pebbles shinning up from the sand.  The river banks are just a few feet away.  You can almost reach out and touch the flowers growing at the river's edge.  Lie back.  Relax and go with the flow.  Pillowed by a life jacket and by the raft that is carrying you, carrying you down the river you are part of the flow.  You move with the current.  The current moves you naturally.  You are in harmony.  You are on schedule.  All you need will come to you in its own time; the right thought; the right word, the right action, inspiration, guidance, decision,  choices.  The river will bring you to the right people; the right situations; the right events.  All will come to you.  You will be where you need to be when you need to be there.   Don't strain.  Meanings will become clear in their own time.  The river is moving on.  You are moving with it.  Let go of timing.  Trust good things to come to you.  They will come naturally.  Go with the flow.  Let your higher power take you wherever you need to be.  Life is easy.  Effortless in the flow.  Sometimes the flow carries you on swift moving waters.  Trust that all is well.  Things will work out.  You will know if you need to set a boundary.  Let your fears go.  Breathe deeply.  Invite peace to flow through your body.  Even if you fall in the water, you are safe.  You are wearing a life jacket.  You are part of the flow.  Sometimes we fight the flow by holding on to an overhanging branch or trying to paddle against the current.  Surrender to the current.  Set yourself free.  Go with the flow.  Set yourself free to receive all the good that is coming.  Feel your desires.  Let them go.  Love people.  Let them go.  Feel peace.  Feel gratitude.  Trust that something or someone greater than yourself is caring for you.  Let things happen.  Go with the flow.  Each time you accept.  Each time you let go you are carried farther down the river.  For today there is beauty around you.  There is beauty in you.  There is meaning now.  There is importance now.  Be open to it all.  Let this day happen.  Feel the feelings of this moment.  Solve today's problems.  Enjoy today's gifts.  Absorb all the healing and love of this moment.  When it's time for something to happen it will.  When it's time to do something you'll know.  Go with the flow.  Embrace you life.  Handle situations as they come.  Everything you need will come to you.  Relax and have some fun.  Let yourself be fully alive in this moment.  The present is enough.  This moment is enough.  All that is yours will come naturally in many ways.  You will be brought to it or it will be brought to you.  Go with the flow. 

"The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie"
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1 Response Feb 22, 2008

Hmmm. Now if someone would say this as I am laying in the corpse position, I would be a happy camper!