Anxiety No More

Mediation has been a major factor in overcoming a lot of my anxiety triggers. I love to do it in the morning. I love to do it in the evening. But I've sort of stopped doing it on an almost scheduled basis. I now meditate just before I have to make an important phone call or if I'm going into a situation that would have given me anxiety in the past. I've grown quite a bit as a person because of this. I'm more independent. I am capable of more than I ever thought I would be. I'm not scared to move out on my own anymore (excluding financial fears).

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Knabble Knabble
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2 Responses Sep 30, 2011

Im working on my anxieties right now through meditating. I can feel it get better and better with each practice! <br />
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I am soon to come off medication because i am doing so well (i am on seroquel for bipolar type two) I believe that i can do so much better when off these zombifying meds! <br />
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Thank you for sharing knabble =3

With an attitude like that! You will suceed.<br />
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