How I Discovered Impermanence

Depending on how i feel, my meditations can either be really long, or really short. When i meditate mostly, i see lots of colors in front of my eyes. Reds, blues, greens, pinks, purples yellows and shades like white and grey. My body feels as if sparks are all around inside me; as if pop rocks are within me! When listening to music, (and i mean any; people say to listen to music without lyrics when meditating, for it causes your mind to wander) I feel it penetrating every inch of me, causing me to understand it fully, without thinking of what the words mean. I have never felt music like that in my life! For the past three years i have seen tiny sparks flying around my vision; i asked doctors, had vision tests and everything; they couldn't tell me anything! When i started meditating; these sparks have become more profound and vibrant. After every meditation, they triple in their amounts and double in size. I had been completely amerced in a meditation months ago. And i had felt a sense like i was falling into a tunnel. My heart was racing, and at the sides of the tunnel, these sparks were twinkling all around me. I saw a light at the end, (it looked like a moon rising over hills) And i thought to myself "wait!, i am so not ready for this experience, i am terrified"; i felt completely detached from my waking life. Then i was back in my house, with sparks all around me. Two days ago, i had been listening to guided meditations on my ipod. I did some visualization, a body scan, and a loving kindness meditations. After this, i just meditated without any sound. I was completely within myself and within everything; vibrant greens and purples were all around me. Then, a thick darkness came over me; and it was there for some time. It was like i was floating in space. One by one, the sparks started popping up all around me. it was really still. Then, i started to fall into them. i was falling really fast (i wasn't in a tunnel this time), and my heart was racing. I then slowed it down, which was crazy (i have never had control like that!). How i did this is; i focused completely on the sparks, and they started to connect like constellations , one by one; lines were connecting the little spots. i saw them moving really slowly (each line). When the connections were done, i would fall through it, and a new one would be created. (i went through so many!) Then i was wondering if i was in a dream, but i was not because i could hear the commotion from my family in my house. I had never been so connected in my life, i was in space, and in my house at the same time. I was connected to everything; moving with the impermanence of the universe!
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loooove your story! :)

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