The Empty Mind, Open To Anything

There is a wide difference between the empty mind and the mind which is relaxed and controlled so that only good can survive therein. The unoccupied mind is an open invitation for entry by unwanted forces.  The relaxed mind which doesn't get in the way of spiritual sight is the goal of true meditation. 
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I thought an empty mind is samadhi

I think that we probably don't have the same definition of 'empty mind.' Actually, in the west where our science has been material rather than metaphysical, we haven't developed a language equipped for this kind of discussion, in my not-so-humble opinion. :)

Not having a lot of experience in meditation, other then two years of Transcendental Mediation several years ago, I remember tyring to explain to my mother that you let you empty your mind of all thought (this was probably wrong). That concerned her though, and actually thought it quite funny, that is trying to imagine me without thought since my mind was going all the time.
But that's the point isn't it? Our minds are going all the time. I think I remember Maharishi describing the mind as a sea, which is tossed by wind and rain and turbulence. And our manta is the vehicle that transports us to the deeper depths of the mind where there is calm. I definitely experienced this at times.
Forgive me if I am talking out of my depths, but I do find the discussion very interesting.

Thanks, Monique. May I ask why you stopped?

I think i started TM late in my Junior year of college.. I dropped off a while after I got married ...

Ah, yes. Marrying changes everything.

yes, it did ...

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Yes, Agreed verbatim on the last line.

Mind has the capacity to hinder the spiritual progress. It needs to be tamed.

Not only does it have the ability to hinder -- when it fears losing control it has the desire to hinder. Thank you kindly for visiting and commenting.


I agree very much with you. Although I'm having difficulty with the word controlled. I found relaxation & acceptance of who I am for me came 1st, that I had to listen to what my mind was saying. Only then could I quiett my mind & be in the now, opening myself to love from oneness.

I certainly understand your point. My thinking involves control of the mind as a necessity for relaxation -- and, actually, vice-versa.

I very much appreciate your visiting and commenting.


So true! Thank you!!

Thanks for understanding and commenting. I am very sad when I see folks teaching that the aim of meditation is emptiness, since that type of practice has been found to be unsafe.