The Incredible Lightness Of Love

Turn off your cell phones, TVs, and computers. Relax and find a space to clear your mind. Light candles and listen to peaceful music. Quiet the mind like a lake of crystal clear water, calm without a ripple. Turn within and listen to what God wants you to know.

Light the candle in the room of your mind, all shadow will escape and only lightness and peace will fill your mind. Think of faith. Think of connection with spirit, God and angels. Think of your 7th chakra opening up and connecting with a shaft of light to Source, full of love, light and peace. Chase away doubts of faith, and focus, focus, focus….

Divine Inspiration will find you and lead you to the light. Your own light and spirit will shine brighter and brighter. Keep your focus and concentration on faith and connection with a Higher Power. Open your mind. Free your mind from everything holding it back, any social programming, keep your mind completely free and open. Imagine your vibration increasing, increasing, increasing, until it is the same vibration as Source and angels and your guides, so that you can connect with them and hear their subtle messages of peace and love.

You are a being of light, shining bright. Feel the incredible lightness of love, lighter and lighter, as your vibration increases. A feeling of warmth and love will envelope you. The Universe feels the change in your vibration as you hold your concentration on love, peace, and light from the holy spirit. Keep your focus going. Keep chasing away thoughts of doubt and fear and negativity, and place your focus completely on positive faith and trust in God. Focus hard on this, and keep pushing your mind to a higher and higher level of faith and connection with the Divine.

Your lightness and peace will increase and you will feel your hands get warm with energy. Imagine the energy of divine love and light coming from your hands, your body a conduit of God's love and light.

The Law of Attraction begins to sense the change in your vibration. Have faith that all that you truly want, that is for the highest good of all, will come to pass. Concentrate your focus on love, light, and peace, stronger and stronger. Ask God outloud to increase your vibration, higher and higher, and then listen and wait for the subtle change in your energy.

Imagine yourself floating up into the sky with lightness. Focus your entire mind, heart, and being on lightness and love. Your energy will become so light, you will feel your energy begin to extend outside of yourself. Almost as if you might float away.

When you feel your spirit is very alive and happy, so much so that find yourself smiling, this is the feeling of being on your true path, of being on the right path that God knows will fulfill you the most with all of your heart's desires. The Law of Attraction brings in the things that are aligned with this higher vibration. Hold the higher vibration where ever you go for as long as you can and you will see a difference in your interactions with others and you will feel clarity and understanding intuitively in everything you do.

You will speak your truth with gentleness and lightness.

Divine Inspiration:

Through my meditation today, I saw that the only way to be as close as possible to someone and feel wonderful intimacy is through complete expression of yourself, trust, and truthfulness. Anything less creates distance.

Complete freedom to express yourself emotionally, verbally, and physically without fear, and with absolute acceptance and love, creates the healthiest sense of wholeness in a relationship. An ease of flow to show your truest self, warts and all, like the story of the Wart King, creates a sense of worth, confidence, lightness, and balance.

Closeness feels completely in tune with one another’s energy. Closeness feels like a balance and a flow. Closeness is the yin-yang, a continuous exchange of energies. We are the conduits of God’s love and feel most in harmony when we are in a state of exchanging this love and energy, continuously, back and forth, flowing like a fountain and creating a stream of continuous energy between each other, like a bridge from one heart to the other. This is when we feel most whole, balanced, healthy, confident, connected with source and our higher selves, our full potential, our light shines brightest.
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This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.