Meditate - De-stress

I have found that meditation and yoga are the few things that work for me for releaving stress.  Stress got so bad that at one point I ended up at the emergency room from the pain.  Stress can effect many health problems in a negative way.  Regular meditation works for me.  I like to think of a babbling brook and imagine the sounds.  Clear your mind.
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2 Responses May 28, 2007

I wish I could meditate; but my brain never stops thinking so much, so I get distracted by all kinds of thoughts... However, I have another way of relieving stress; I half-sleep on a bus; when I'm so tired that I do not want to move, I can just sit there (leaning my head on the window), and listen to people's chatter, and after a while all the chatter seems louder and all mixed together; that's when I get my peace :D

there is lot of different types of meditation,google it and see what kind is right for you.
btw prayer is type of meditation,focus on the words, contemplation....

I beleve in medditating, i do it also...<br />
It sends a warm fuzzy feeling threugh all your musles and bones,sending them in to a trance and relaxing the mind and spirit,from all the stress you may have aquierd during the day, I fully agree with it being as it allso works as a self heling system, <br />
Have you tried it with a candle?,you feel the heat of the flame and imagen it covering you from head to foot,in a bright , warm and relaxing light sensation, its very relaxing,.<br />
I personaly like going down to the beach,when i can, and just sit on the sand and light a candle, it will make you feel like a new you,., <br />
love and light *phoenix*<br />
p.s. I hope one day everyone will do meditation or yoga,cuz it frees cooped up tension and soothes the sole..blessed be, xx