I have this part of technique to try still in full according to the books - how ever I unintentionally did a few in my life already , named it self introspection on FB , turns out it was raja yoga meditation when I read about it this year along with the different types of yoga , there are some of the other techniques I did unconscious from since I was growing up. THERE ARE TWO THINGS I DID ON FB TO PROVE MY SELF ALREADY. 1) Dreamt stuff and posted it , it came to pass. 2) I spoke of truthfulness , and demonstrated WORDS OF TRUTH TECHNIQUE , it was based on self honesty , being truthful in life , to others and then I began posting topics , a life event , or did any topic and used a local news site connected to FB to prove my self - So far I did it for about 4 months to the people there to date - I would say things , call a name , say something in a manner , describe an event , in coincident to what will make a big story on local news or international news - and within a few days , a true news event would happen in similar event - backed up all post there with a shared story from the news site . So like I said , I am still trying to settle down here in EP , and further my self into this field as time goes by.
Stephenrko Stephenrko
36-40, M
Aug 23, 2014