Types of Meditations

What different types of Meditations are there?

Which ones do you do?

Are there any specific techniques that help you with Meditation?

Are your meditations focused or unfocused?

Are your meditations for yourself or for others?

Azoru Azoru
5 Responses Mar 23, 2009

Thank you both for the meditation tips!

Hi SamuraiPhoenix,<br />
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I do a pranayama called "Spinal Breathing Pranayama", where I breath long breaths while tracing the spinal nerve from the root chakra to the third eye on the inhale (making a turn at the center of the head forward to the third eye) and back from the third eye to the root chakra on the exhale.<br />
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It is very similar the the first kriya I think from the Kriya Yoga tradition.

When you do pranayama, is it a 3 count breath through the nose?<br />
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Thank you greatly for your comment! This is very helpful. :)

Hi,<br />
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There are many types of meditation, really a lot. In the Buddhist tradition meditations are put into two categories based on what they are meant for- Concentration or gaining Insight into the true nature of phenomena.<br />
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Examples of meditations: mantra, meditating on chakras, focusing on the breath, focusing on sensations watching them arise and subside, being like a clear sky where every phenomena that comes passes through it and is watched with mindfulness, visualizations... and there are many more..<br />
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I do meditation with mantra, and do pranayama (breath exercise) before starting the meditation.<br />
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The meditations I do are for myself and for others, when I truly help myself become free from suffering I also help others, because I am connected, have a relationship, and affect everything around me.

I don't do it much anymore, though, i think i need to restart doing it.<br />
I don't know which one i did, i just did, didn't learn it. I guess the knowledge was already in my soul.<br />
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Focused or unfocused... mhmm... not sure what you mean. I mostly focus my mind to contact my energy body or my soul. Using ground chakra probably, not sure the name is right, i mean the one in the center of me. Went out of my body once too, accidentally. Some times i just want to clear my mind and stop my self dialogue.<br />
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I use them to activate me, later, probably for helping others.