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Deep Meditation.

Hello Everyone,

I have been meditating for at least five years. I meditate lying down (And sometimes falling asleep). I can't meditate in the lotus position because I tend to slouch. I've tried sitting in the lotus position against the wall, but the same thing happens.

But now my problem is that I need to go into deeper meditation. How do I do that?


Midnight Starr

midnightstarr midnightstarr 41-45, F 6 Responses Feb 26, 2010

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try to have less food..

i think the fact that your trying is preventing you from meditating calmly . meditation is when your not trying to do anything you just be , this cant really be learnt it just comes with tijme i suppose but i think focusing on the breath going through your nose when you breath in and breath out is good to calm your mind down but dont force any breathjust let your body breath itself and also with the mind dont try to be chilled or calm or not thinking state or deep meditation just allow it to be . try or adyashanti . they are also on youtube these guys are great help . they enlightened beings so i think they can help you a whole lot molre than i can , hope its of help

Ward,<br />
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I need a position where I don't slouch either. That's the tricky part.

ward,<br />
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I think that I meant that meditate the same as I was doing, but instead of going off into sleep, go deeper into the meditation.

jp5040,<br />
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I don't do yoga classes either.

jp5040,<br />
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I do Yoga, so I know what you mean by Child's pose. I might fall asleep doing it, but I don't think that will happen often.