I am going to UTSA in the spring...but I have to go to tx in 2 weeks for some testing and I'm really excited about meeting people there!!! I have been talking to people on facebook that are moving in at that time and hopefully I will be able to meet up with a few of them. As for the rest they will just have to wait till January! Either way I am going to make hundreds and maybe even thousands of new friends!
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That's so true! The area I live in is extremely pretty.

That is really cool! I thought SA would be a much easier transition since I came from a smaller city, but I don't even think I needed that.

Oooo yes I was asking about you. I really do want to go to school in Austin now but it is so sudden and random I want to make sure it is the right decision for me. I love change but sometimes I don't know when to quit. I just moved 1200 miles and I don't know if I really need to move again...

I really need to update this story! I moved here right after new year's so I am right by antiyou!!! :)<br />
<br />
What are you doing over here??

hahaha well there are about 30,000 people that attend the school so I think to myself *Try to make thousands of new friends? Sure, why not?* lol