I get a lot of inbox messages as all woman do.

I find it sad that in the year and a half that I've had this account, 3 people had something normal to say.

I have to edit this post....

Make that 4 people in two years. That's sad I feel.
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True story.

True story. Not one of those fake stories where the guy start off acting like he's got a brain in his head and then, when you least expect it, he sends you this message:

"Wut u like to watch me pee?"

Well we can talk about that another time.

Those guys who start out with a brain and this brain doesn't exist. I already know it.

Can we make it 5?

After what I just read? Yea, defiantly 5! No doubt. Are you a writer?

Only in a "something needs to be written and Michael writes good"kinda way

Michael writes well. Lol

That felt so good I want to flout the Queen's English more frequently just so you can correct me...

That sounds boring.

Depends on how you do it...

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I love older woman

Thank you. You proved my point if the post. How clever.

Hehe I've allways liked older woman they have more exaperience hehe I'm 24 blue eyes 6.4

I have a lovely picture

Haha. You're not getting it are you?

No but I I guess I do now lol

You took it well so I'll let you slide.

Haha well thanks love


Well I tried dating sites to find friends where it had the option to look for friends only. It is amazing the amount of conversations that start talking about relationships or you hang out with someone once and they want an instant relationship. Or just the opposite they want to just meet flirt get it done and over. Normal goes both ways. Just an FYI

Thanks for the info. I need that type of information because I'd never be able to live that way. It's so interesting to me! Like when my girls friends speak of a one night stand I ask all sorts of ****** up questions like "where did he put his shoes?" Lmao. It's foreign to me, to **** a stranger and move about like you didn't just give a piece of yourself to someone who may possibly hand over the Ebola virus. Haha

I'm being serious. What was your experience like joining? Where did she out her shoes? Idk where I'd put my shoes at when I take them off at some strange mans house? Haha. He'd likely ask me to please go home after I'm done asking all my stupid ******* questions.
Out of curiously. If I were to do that to you, what would you do? You have a woman come over. She starts acting like a child who doesn't know how to ****? What do you do with her?

I don't know. I live life without expectations. When I was younger that would happen you meet someone you hit it off you go back to her place or mine to hang out more causes places were closed. It just happened it was not like ok let's go have sex.

Most men in my experience would choose root canal over asking a shoeless woman to leave...

I suppose one day I'll feel comfortable to take my shoes off.

I don't know how all this stuff works either.... But it does just happen

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