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My Dads Feet..

Hello , im a 13 year old boy . The past few months ive been noticing I have a foot fetish . Specifaclly my grandads feet caused this fetish . He is a 56 year old man and is very fit because he goes to the gym every day . I am fascinated by his gorgeous feet ! It actually turns me on sometimes ! His feet are nice and smooth because of this special lotion he puts on them . They are just gorgeous feet and I have been fantassising about them . I even ********** to his feet . Everyday when he gets home from work , I sit by the couch and watch him change from his work shoes to his sandals he wears at home . While watching him , I get a hard on . He than takes his shirt off and you can see his big muscles and nice hairy nipples . Than sometimes when hes watching t.v on the couch , he takes off his sandals and lays his feet on the couch . I than get so horny , I just go and ********** . Sometimes he lets our dog lick his sexy feet , wich also turns me on . He has a big penis to , when he gets home from the gym I smell his nice sweaty socks and underwear that are all wet . So how can I lick his feet or get him to **** me ? I just want him so bad in my butthole . No rude comments , please thanks .
ThAtKiiDdd ThAtKiiDdd 13-15, M 14 Responses Aug 14, 2012

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Nice! Since I was five yr old I love male feet. Everything started with my older brother's feet!

Dude u gay

Hello everyone, just me just talk about legs and my heart beat fast .I I mean that I only have this problem but as I see I'm not alone .We offer to exchange some photos !!!!!!!

Do u know what u need to do

You appear be a year older then me! I'm with you.

Start by asking if he would like a foot massage. See how it goes from there.

Hey I think you should act cute and wear sexy clothes such as short shorts and when you play with your dog walk on the floor with your hand and feet just like a cat and act cute act cute I'm giving u my heart and good luck

Damn. That's hot. You're lucky.
Have you worshiped them yet?

My dad caused my foot fetish. When I was like 4 or 5 I would always smell, kiss,and even lick my dad's feet. And I guess he kind of liked it because he didn't seem to get mad or anything. I can actually remember licking his foot while he was napping and he would laugh. As the years would go by I would still tend to smell my dad's feet but only when he was sleeping. I can also remember being like 6 years old and(not being very cautious) puting his feet in my own face and enjoying the sent, this awoke him and I panicked! I just dove in for a hug, not making eye contact, and then leaving, just amagening what could possibly me going through his head. Years go on and on, my parents diverse, and I get better at being sneeky of smelling his feet. Actually there was times where he would make me and my younger sister massage him. My sister would massage his back and I would do his feet and it felt so good rubbing them slowly with Laotian. Anyway more years go on, I'm 14 now, and my foot fetish grows bigger( secretly) I don't have many men in my family and my dad's not around so when men family members visit I usually attempted to smell there feet. Also, when my male causin(who is a couple years younger than me) and I sleep over at my grandmas house, I usually worship his little feet. They don't always smell, but it feels good holding his warm feet against my face( he's a heavy sleeper) sometimes I actually even kiss him while he's sleeping. Like if he's lying in his back, I like to press my lips upon his. Well that's my confession

Did you ever suck on your cousin's toes while he was asleep? My brother's friend spent the night one weekend a while ago. I was staying over as well because my apartment was getting fumigated. All three of us must have stayed up until way past midnight. Finally, we got tired and I slept on the floor, letting Dan sleep in the other bed and my brother in his bed. My brother was out first before Dan came back from the bathroom. He had changed into some sweatpants and a t-shirt, but still had his shoes and socks on. I got on top of my sleeping bag after changing and peeled off my socks and made an "awe" sound, hoping he would take the hint and take off his shoes and socks. Dan laid down on top of the covers, said goodnight and was out before his head hit the pillow. I looked at him then down at his shoed feet. I quietly waited for about 10 minutes, then cautiously moved over to the foot of the bed and began to untie his right shoe. Dan moved around a bit and moaned. It took me another 5 minutes just to get his shoe off without possibly waking him up. The foot aroma that rose upon getting his shoe off smelled pleasant. His clean white sock was a little moist as I slightly touched his socked sole with my fingers. Dan giggled a little in his sleep and moved his socked foot away. I decided to get his left shoe off before taking off his socks. His left shoe was easier because it was already untied. I pulled it off gently and again the smell was pleasant. His sock was moist and had a quarter size hole in it near the big toe nail bed. I was very intrigued to see more of his toes that I ripped the hole a little bigger exposing his big toe and index toe. They were both tan, pedicured and hairless. Just then I heard my parents come in downstairs, coming back from a party down the street. I quickly grabbed Dan's shoes and threw them under the bed, then got into my sleeping bag and closed my eyes. My parents came in to check on us. She got a blanket from the closet and covered Dan with it including his socked feet. They left soon after, but I was too tired to get up again.
Early the next morning, I luckily woke first and looked over at Dan and my brother. They were still fast asleep and even better, Dan's stocking feet were sticking out from the blanket. I carefully, but quickly moved over to the foot of his bed and reached under his sweat-pant's right leg. I slowly peeled the sock off his heel, down and off his toes exposing a very golden, tan, smooth barefoot with pedicured toes. Dan twitched his toes a bit, then splayed them. I quickly grabbed hold of his left sock by the hole and tugged it off. Dan's two bare beauties were there right in front of me waiting for some attention. I rubbed my hands together creating friction, then began to massage both of Dan's feet with my hands. He began to moan and groan in pleasure, but stayed asleep. His pink, flawless soles were smooth and I got up the nerve to lick them. They both were a bit salty in taste, but did energized my tongue. I looked up at Dan's face, then stuck both of his big toes in my mouth, sucking on them like suckers. He moaned and groaned a little louder, so I decided to stop. I took his socks as souvenirs and hid them in my sleeping bag. I covered Dan's feet up after kissing them one more time, then went to take a shower.
I came back dressed and towel drying my hair. As I sat on the floor to put my shoes and socks on, Dan and my brother slowly woke up. I threw a couple pillow at both of them, then jumped on my brother. Dan threw off the blanket, got up and jumped on me. We all wrestled around and all ended up on the floor with me at the bottom of the pile. Dan's right barefoot was near my face, so I took my hand and began to tickle it on the sole. He jumped, but I grabbed hold of it and tickled it even more. My brother started to tickle his other foot. Dan was laughing hysterically and tried to tickle my foot by pulling off my shoe, but only got it off half way. My brother and I were good ticklers and was able to hold Dan down and go town of his bare feet. Dan's toes splayed and feet thrashed around as twenty fingers moved all around and in between them.
My mom's voice from downstairs broke up the tickle-fest. She said that breakfast was ready and get to the table now. Dan looked around for his socks but couldn't find them, so he and my brother ran downstairs barefoot. I put his socks in my duffel bag before I left the room.
I sat across from Dan and my brother which gave a good view of Dan's bare feet since the breakfast table was made of glass. Dan mentioned that he didn't go to sleep barefoot, but woke up barefoot. I told him I took off his shoes since he was on the bed. My brother asked my mom if she took Dan's socks off when she came home, but she replied no. She said she saw Dan lying there without any covers and grabbed a blanket to cover him. She thought about taking his socks off, but didn't want to startle him. I stepped in and said they probably fell off and are on the floor somewhere.
After breakfast, we helped my mom with the breakfast dishes. Dan offered to wash my mom's car as a way of saying thank you, so we all headed out to the garage alley to wash her car. Dan and my brother stayed barefoot and took off their t-shirts; I kept my shoes on. Dan's bare feet looked even better wet, they glowed in the sunlight.
Just to finish the story...Dan never could find his socks that day. He ended up borrowing a pair of my brother's flops and walking home in them. Dan told me later on that he felt warm sensations on his bare feet and toes, but thought he was dreaming. He said his old girlfriend used to take his shoes and socks off and kiss and suck on his toes a lot.

He never knew that I was the one who feasted on his toes and soles.

This story was REALLY hot.

Hello everyone, just me just talk about legs and my heart beat fast .I I mean that I only have this problem but as I see I'm not alone .We offer to exchange some photos !!!!!!!

My dad made me smell his socks, smell,kiss and lick his feet as turned me on so I didn,t care! There was a boy in my class who I always shoved my sweaty bare feet into his face both when we changed for PE and swimming...

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Some of my friend's dads would treat me like their own kids. They would wrestle, toss, tickle and sometimes even treat me to a meal. One dad loved to tickle his son who was a good friend of mine growing up. He would attack both of us when he got home from work as we watched TV. At first, we would try to get away, but he would always find us, so we finally just let him do his thing. My friend had very ticklish ribs, neck and bare toes. His shirt, shoes and socks were always nearly ripped off of him and his dad would start at his son's ribs and end with tickling his bare soles and toes.
He would look over at me and say get're next! I wasn't as ticklish, but very much so on and around my bare feet and he knew it. I tried to keep my feet away from him by trying to keep my shoes and socks on, but inevitably he pulls them off and my bare feet are attacked, tickled and kissed...yes, sometimes kissed!
I think he must have a little bit of a foot fetish. When we are all watching TV down in the basement, his dad won't tickle us, but give us foot massages. My friend and I are usually already bare foot, so he does one bare foot of each of us, then the other two. My feet feel so relaxed and good afterwards.

I love your stories! You were so lucky

ahhh I'm 14 hmu lol and good luck i like my friends dads feet

Have things improved for you?

Can I **** you insted because you sound sexy

when I was little I wanted older guys to lick my feet, now they can be any age, as long as they want too

I wanna lick your fee