I Wish I Had A Loyal Indian Husband

I have always had a 'thing' about things Indian. Indian food, indian music, indian clothes, Indian culture, Hindi languages, love love love. Well last year i also discovered i love Indian men.  There are many stereo types out there aobut Indian men and how they rule their wives. Over a number of years now i have seen another side. That Indian men actually revere and care deeply about their wife and family.  AND that their wives hold out on them and use sex as the weapon of control.  I know that sounds sexist and i have heard other stories about how Indian men like it 'rough'. Well last year i was blessed. I met an Indian man. We were not able to consumate our feelings in the most intimate way because we both have partners  and i was still shy to  try relationships outside my marriage. BUT we meet at least once a week and he became my milk man. He loved milking me. And i loved sucking him and discvoered the sweet taste of Indian! I guess because they don't eat much meat or drink. I LOVED it and i loved meeting him. i still miss him and i know he misses me because he still contacts me and we have phone sex. But i feel it is too hard for him because in his culture it is not ok to divorce and so i knew one of us was going to get hurt. I think Indian men are some of the most intelligent, gentle, caring men in the world and in my next life i hope i am happily married to a rich one ! lol
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so sweet of u...

I am 38 year old single man from India. I started feeling lonely from last few years. I am looking for a serious relationship and sometimes i feel that its hard to get this kind of relationship.

wts so gr8 abt indians i dnt get it... m also an indian guy........... i dnt feel smethng differnt or smethng special in me..... i jst didn't get it.... bt as far as i think d foreign womens r quite interesting.....nd dey hve smethng special in dem.... lol... bt seriously... o.O

Glad to know you thoughts. All the best for your hunt for a Rich Indian husband in your next life :-)

have you been to India ?

:D :D Lol.. Now i feel proud to be an indian!!! And feel so unlucky tht I haven't come across a prsn like u.. :) :D

Oh my mom, u said correctly.even today--indians are born-philosophers, if everything is okay.I am a traditional Hindu-Indian, belonging to the first order of the caste.I dont say, i am great--but I would say, U r great.India is really, a very great Country in this Globe.It is indeed a fact.Please be a mom to me.Kindly breastfeed me daily.I will serve u, by thought, word and deed for my entire life-time.Okay.om.

You are crazy . Lol

I never knew how attracted I was to men from India til I started meeting them on facebook.Being from such a small town I never had a chance to meet anyone outside the valley but I really wish I could

Hey dear glad you find indian Men attractive. Hope to know you better...

Oh my dear milky-breasts,Let u bcome milky for ever.Ur milk is an ambrosia.Thy milk is a nector.I want ur melliflous nector-like milk.More often than not, breastsr not sexy ob<x>jects.Theu are the providers of nutritious milk.Tjey r the attractive containers of sweet et rich milk.In India breasts are always considered as nutrition-providers.Only for certain period,that too 4 husbands they are sexal too.Not for others.O milky mom,I prostrate unto ur feet.I worship ur goodself.I dont want to leave u at any time and in any place.I am willing to suck ur breasts for ever.Pl do the needful.The charity of milk is very good indeed.All is well that goes and ends well.O mom,kindly give thy soft lap.I am interested in ur lap.Please consider me ur innocent-son.I remain.In thy service.swabhusa.om.Dated 16-01-2012 on Monday at ashi,New bombay.om.

Oh mom,I am always ur son,of course thy spiritual lad.I can give u the Intian cultural essence,id est, The Self-knowledge.In turn u can provide me ur fresh,worm et sweet milk.I am very much interested in drinking moms nutritious milk.So pl donate me ur milk.I am a cent per cent,pure South-indian.By Gods grace et Gurus blessimgs I know 7 languages including Latin.I know little bit of Greek too.My mother-tongue is Telugu language.May i know ur mother toungue. O mom,I love all breastfeeding moms eaqually.Why bcause,The Self in me is the Self everywhere.I am not only an individual being but also,the Total et full Being.I know myself up to some extent.And i can throw some light on u too.So please give me this golden oppertunity,to seeve u all.in His service,swabhusa,navi mumbai.om.

Oh bigjugs-mom,I have read ur sexy et real story and felt very happy.U r true regarding the Indian men.I think all Indians r born-philosophers.They r all Rishi-putras id est the sons of saints&sages.O revered mom,I am an Indian---that too a soith indian brahmin.I am v traditional in my outlook.But I want thy association.I am wiiling 2 have ur love,as u r breastfeeding.I am v glad to know this.Oh mom,because of the ignorance of himself man is maring his life.He can make his life glorious,by knowing himself.So my dear mom,Let us try to seek the Self, with the help of acquiring the Selfknowledge.This is possible et feasible only,by making the Self-inquiry with the help of a Sadgurudev.Pl join me to do the same.Let us help mutually.U give me ur sweet milk and I give in turn the sweetest Selfknowledge.okay.in the Lord.om.Dated 16-01-2012,monday,Navi mumbai.om.

you just met a normal indian guy , there are many indian guys who have fantastic souls and they would never date any other girl outside a relation or marriage even if they have got the worst girlfriend or wife, i am one such guy , if today i love a girl and find that she is not perfect for me and tomorrow if i find another girl who is much more beautiful and a perfect girl for me still i can never leave that girl because we indian guys are one woman's man and we can never cheat our girlfriends until they cheat us , i am a guy of 21 years but i never had a girlfriend and i not even touched any girl in spite of the fact that i got many opportunities to lose my virginity but i never did it because i want a girl who will stay with me till the end of life , but i doubt no girls think like me , but this the nature of indian guys , we are too much passionate about love and we most trustworthy , it is always difficult to find a real lover in any other country than in india ,

Gosh <br />
Thank you for the kind words, I dont know how to reciprocate!<br />
I really did not know we are that famous. <br />
<br />
Thank you : )

wow!!!!!!!! impressed with your love and obsession for Indian men. Reading this fills some pride in me being an Indian man. Would love to add you as friend here and fullfil some of your fantasies for Indian men. Soon traveling to US I hope you are in US, since ur profile don't say it.

Hi, Guess you don't live in india..??

Interesting story, one of the rare times I have come across someone saying this. Glad you have had great experience with Indian men, and hope you have more fun with them too ;) cheers<br />
<br />
am one myself and have had my share of good friends online who thought the way you did but always beleived they are in minority lol<br />
<br />
but then to each their own preferences and why not if it works , am sure you have received many invites already

Oh respected br fdg mom,I hve read thy story &comment too.I am v happy 2 know about u.I am purely indian,that 2 a traditional hindu-brahmin.O mom,I want 2 serve thy goodself &so u pl feed me thy milk with great love &affection.I am a vedantin.I can easily give u not only the Self-knowledge but also boily pleasure too.But then no sex please.Pl shower thy grace on me 4 ever &i serve thy self 4 ever &ever.Om.