Finding The Perfect 38a Isn't Easy...

I prefer my bras to be very lacy, and, of course, with my figure I *need* something that could give boobs to a board. Victoria's Secret used to make what I thought was the perfect bra - the Courney model, a front closing push up that actually gave me cleavage - and it came in some very cute patterns.

But, of course, they discontinued it...and now VS doesn't offer a least not in the stores.
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6 Responses May 2, 2011

I live in the UK and in 30 years of looking I have only 3, 38 a'sHowever I am still looking!

Thanks, sugar!

Look at places that cater to pre-teens and teenagers, even place like Target. Remember some girls are big, yet don't have much boobs yet.

My latest find has been, of all places, in a Walmart. They had a line of Vanity Fair push up bras trimmed in lace that were just delicious. I went with a 36A and it stretched - barely - enough for me. I bought red and black...even though the matching panties weren't that sexy.

I feel bad for you trying to find a 38 A and wish you good luck. But try finding a 42 A and it is a lot worse, I have had to usually find smaller bras and use bra extenders to make the band large enough

Check out the nakeds by Victorias secret. I'm not sure if they have that size in the store but it is online. I just got a sexy Demi cup size 38a. Good luck