Men In Bras

One of the hottest things is to see a man in bra and panties. esp a pretty floral matching set with slip, hose and heels...yummm-o
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That is great you feel that way. I feel sexy wearing my 44H bra with breast forms and a silky pair of panties. I just love the look and feel of the material, and massive boobs, againt my skin. My wife is OK with it, but it does not get turned on. She does realize that to get to my penis, she has to love up my boobs first. That drives me crazy. After that, she can have anything she wants.

I love wearing heels!

I am thrilled that you think one of the hottest things is to see a man in bra and panties, with a slip, hose and heels. When i put on my first bra Julie i felt a glorious feeling of exhilaration as i took yet a further step into my feminine side. I had always loved bras and seeing a woman wearing a bra, the outline of her bra with lovely lace trim through her silk blouse, and peeking shiny nylon shoulder bra straps. Wearing silky nylon panties in conjunction with a bra gave me a beautiful feeling of feminine loveliness and fulfillment. And in addition to a bra and panties, wearing a nylon and lace slip, silky sheer stockings or glossy silky pantyhose and high heels all inclusively gave me a feeling of heavenly feminine loveliness. It does every time. The full compliment of lingerie as described is now an integral and very important part of my life. The best decision i ever made was to embrace the wearing of nylon panties and luscious lingerie.

Thank you Julie for posting this brief but significant story. Your support of your boyfriend wearing panties and nightgowns and in loving men in bras and also wearing panties and lingerie is invaluable and very greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Fontana

I love the way you think.

I will send you some pics of me soon!