Well What Can I Say I Just Love It

Am a man just love lingerie, it just hurts to see that all the pretty colors and cuts have been stereotyped for women. I just love the way the bra has a bite on the shoulders, the confinement of this sexy piece on fabric embracing the rib cage and giving that sense of safety :)..... I have been an addict to fine lingerie from childhood...dont know why but the first time i tried my sisters it just felt natural to me and it just felt me :). the thot of a person wearing fine lingerie appeals more to me that a naked body....I have always been scavenging the laundry rooms to pick up left out panties or bras and the moment i see some my blood rushs to my head :).

I love to sleep wearing one especially when its is a set like it has to be complete cant just go with different colors or individuals.....infact the moment I see some one on the street my eyes just lock on to their bras and i just hunger for a moment that I can wear one and it would be considered natural. There were many moments that I would wear one but would wear a thick jacket on top to hide it :(...i know its unusual for a man to do so....hmmmmm may be next life if i was born as a lady :).....until then my obsession continues :)
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3 Responses Sep 25, 2012

I totally agree with you on being able to FEEL the bra all around you. Which ever way you move, you know you have a bra on. And then, when you take it off, it seems like you still have it on.

omigosh yes, I love wearing bras, especially with a thick jacket on top to hide it...

I love my man in a bra. i love it when he is bold enough to wear his shirt open enough that his bra slightly shows when we are out and about. He gets nervous but says it feels sexy when I reach across the table to insure his shirt is open just a little bit more. He has a black lacy one with a small diamond type stone in the cleavage that I love on him. Like you I would love it to be open enough that a man could wear a bra anytime he likes, or any womens cloths for that matter. Id love to see a man in a white shirt wearing a black bra under it

yes, I love letting the little bow, or stone, or if I find one with a little charm between the cups, show!