MMM Mmm Good

...And I especially love taking them out of their briefs.

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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16 Responses Mar 15, 2009

So what are your favourite as i meed some more to show on here !!<br />
What would you sujest and ill get them and take some shots for you ?XXX

As long as you are in a toga too. ;-) Or something a little more, (meaning less)

MT, You are so right. One tug and ready to go? Wow sounds like my kind of guy lol.<br />
<br />
FG, MMMM now I am picturing it in my mind.

Don't like boxers as they ride up the leg and get bunched up. Can't have my panties in a wad. Hard to breathe in briefs, can't suffocate willy. So it's boxer briefs for me!

LOL FG. Grape leaves would be a big hassle though, better just to have a toga on, one pull and there you go.

You are so right. I have this fantasy of dressing this well endowed man in grape leaves. lol. Just kidding.

Boxer briefs are my fav. They are sooo sexy. But you know, a man can be sexy in just about anything (or nothing) if he is a really sexy man to begin with... ;)


LOL, fair enough! ;)

I love boxers, briefs, commando, and all other men's undies. As long as I can take them off I am happy.

Amen sister...<br />
Oooh God, a niiice flashback just struck...<br />
Excuse me. :)

i can see my package, without briefs.

I love briefs because you can see their "package" ... ;-)~

oops im sorry am i in the wrong room for that type of comment lol......ahem.....blame the liquid diet :)

haha i prefer boxers ....silky ones i can run my hand over and over him and they are much easier access hehe

ur cute