Husband In Panties

So my husband of 5 years told me about his cross dressing fetish about a year ago. It started off with me just making him wear makeup and panties during sex, but about a month ago it escalated in to a 24/7 thing. He now wears a bra and panties at all times and his toe nails are always painted. He gets home from work before me so he does all of the cooking and cleaning that i used to do while wearing a dress and heels. When he is at home he is to wear a dress and make up at all times. On the weekends he is to stay at home and do housework. He is not allowed to go out with friends unless I approve. I control all of his *******, I allow him to *** about once every week or two. He eats me out any time I tell him to without any questions.He follows all of my directions without any hesitation. If he breaks a rule or doesn't do something to my expetations he is punished in any way I choose. This has been very enjoyable for both of us considering I don't have to do any house work when I get home, I get to come home and get out of my heels and put on something comfortable and relax. He enjoys it because he loves to be dominated. If your husband or boyfriend is in to this kind of stuff i greatly recommend it.
MistressSarah01 MistressSarah01
26-30, F
Nov 25, 2012