How I Started Wearing Womens Panties

Well my ex and I were on vacation at the beach and I didn't pack but a couple of pairs of underwear. So I told her when we get to our hotel I would go out and get some. She said that's ok you can just wear some of mine. So I laughed it off and thought nothing more about it. So we check in I get ready to go out and she asked where are you going? I stated to get underwear, she said no I was serious, from now till the end of our trip that will be the last pair of briefs you wear. After alittle persuasion I finally gave in. She started me out on regular cotton briefs that night and I had a hard on all night long. Then the next night it was thong and so on.
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6 Responses Jan 18, 2013

sounds like a fun way to discovery panties, keep it up.

She was willing to share, couldn't hurt to try again.

I would love for that to happen to me.

I started with my wife's that were hanging around for a while when she stopped wearing them during pregnancy. Then I wanted a better selection so I bought my own lacy stuff. Now I wear both!

what a great holiday

I started out my husband when he lost a joke. he was always the real stud manyly guy. He lost so had to wear panties all day. He cant wear mine because of size so I bought him a lacy thong. I had no idea how sexy he would look in them and he loved how they felt. Now he has over 150 pair and lots of other lingerie. I love it and so does he

How could she possibly not be open-minded about it when she got you started?

my wife had put me in panties as bet dare an that is how it got started an she lovs it an in them all the time