Sexy Lingerie

I LOVE men in panties!!! I love them small and tight! I don't want them to cut off circulation or anything but if "parts" are hanging or peeking out... all the better! And not just panties... all lingerie, short skirts, thigh highs.... Mmmm!!

I met my lover online over a year ago. The first time I laid eyes on him, he was on cam in lingerie. I'm getting so excited just typing this out! Well, he just celebrated his birthday and I bought him a nice bunch of panties and clothes. Two short, tight skirts, 7 pairs of panties, 3 prs of tights, 3 tops. I can't wait to tell you the special gift I gave him. (For another post.)

But, last night, he tried on all of the clothes I bought. He ended up in this tight colorful print skirt, black lace top & white tights. I had exposed his big wet CL_T by pulling up his skirt and pulling down his tights. By the end of the evening, he was F_CKING me just like that. It was amazingly HOT! Of course... NOW I'm wet all over again! Well, we'll take care of that later! ;-)
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6 Responses May 5, 2012

I wear panties 24/7 and it is nice to read a story from a woman that supports her s/o

I would like to try on a pair of sexy panties, maybe a thong, however my gf thinks that is really weird.

OMG . I love it . My wife does the same for me . You and your boy toy are both lucky partners.

now im wet also, hes a lucky man

You're such a good girlfriend for him. Very sexy.

Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.