First Experiences

My first experience with a man who enjoys wearing women's lingerie and clothing was not that pleasurable. I do not like forced feminization, and the man I was with at that time enjoyed it. He wanted me to dress him in women's panties and lingerie, then humiliate him. That completely ruined the experience for me. I do not enjoy humiliation of any type and I associated a man wearing women's clothing with humiliation.
Then I began dating a man who genuinely enjoyed wearing women's clothing. When he first started asking what I thought about men wearing women's clothes, I told him I thought it was gimmicky and looked ridiculous. After I got to know him better, I began opening my mind to it. We discussed it, watched some videos with men wearing various types of lingerie; I began to see how sexy those men looked and I wanted to see how my man would look. I asked him to wear a pair of my panties, and I loved it! He was so beautiful in them. I was afraid I would laugh the first time, but they looked so right on him. He has amazing legs and the most incredible ***. I love buying lingerie for him to wear. There is nothing better than coming home after work and seeing him lounging around in a pair of frilly panties and satin camisole. I can't take my eyes off of him (or my hands)!
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As a guy in panties it was an interesting read, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.