Not A Fetish

I love seeing my man in a lacy pair of panties and a satin chemise. Does this make me weird or a deviant? I don't believe so. I've been told that by some of the men I dated, a therapist, my family. I don't believe my desire to see a man in women's clothing is perverted in any way, nor do I believe a man's desire to dress in women's clothing is deviant behavior. It is natural for us. I don't want to force a man into women's clothes in order to humiliate him or make him feel less of a man. I don't want to see it just because it is sexually arousing (although I am aroused when I see my man dressed that way); I love it because it feels natural and right for me, just as it is natural and right for him to wear them. Wearing panties doesn't make you less of a man, just as wanting to see a man in them doesn't make me less of a woman.
I finally found a man who understands me and I understand him. I am so happy that he can be completely himself while he is with me. I love seeing him dressed in a pair of panties and lingerie, and I love shopping for him. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than buying him a new pair of panties or lingerie and then seeing him in them. He is beautiful and I love the way it feels to run my hands over his body when he is wearing satin or lace.
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love to wear panties for you...lets go shopping together

That's my kind of woman! WOW!

Wonderful article, thank you for sharing. My wife caught me about 35 yrs ago in full fem. She asked the age old question (Are you gay?)... Long story short... We had a long chat about things and she stated that she prefered me in panties 100% of the time. We decided to put the male crap in a garbage bag that day, following day we went panty shopping.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. Once I started wearing panties, all the colors and styles to choose from had me hooked. So glad some women find it attractive and fun.

I also love seeing men in lingerie, normal mens underwear is so boaring and it is so nice to see some nice silk or satin panties on a man.
Unlike you i do apreciate the fact that they do make the man seen more sissy and i have had men dress in panties and lingerie just to himiliate them but after a very short time they seem to enjoy wearing ladies underwear, thus your assumption is correct, i am sure if society were less judgemental more men would admit to longing to wear panties rather than their pants.