Skirts Are Adorable

The very first time i put on a skirt i was overwhelmed by an immense feeling of femininity. I had extended dressing femininely from lovely silky lingerie to a feminine outerwear clothing garment. This came about as a consequence of persistent feelings that i should explore and possibly progress to complimenting my extensive lingerie repertoir with feminine outerwear attire. Trying on a skirt was the initial step in that direction. I went browsing through opportunity shops and discovered a massive range of skirts in all sorts of colors and fabrics. Softer sensual fabrics attracted my interest. I found a gorgeous very soft and smooth polyester black skirt with a silky lining which has an asymmetrical hemline. I couldn't resist buying this skirt and even if i wanted to, i felt overwhelmed by the urge to buy it. I could sense this extraordinary feeling so powerful that i had no resistance to it. It was as though i was being driven helplessly by a surreal force to buy it and wear it. Amazingly when i paid for it and the lady put the skirt in a bag for me i felt this huge relief as though a massively heavy weight had been taken from me. The feeling blended with excitement and anticipation about trying the skirt on. When i got home i proceeded directly to the bedroom and closed the door. I removed the skirt from the bag and felt its softness and feminine loveliness. I knew i was meant to wear it. I undressed with the exception of my panties then slipped the skirt on. I lifted it slowly up my legs until it was comfortable around my waist. It fitted perfectly and felt glorious. The soft supple polyester fabric exuded femininity stunningly as it draped down my body. I modeled the skirt in front of the mirror and was overjoyed with its appearance on me. I caressed the skirt and quickly fell in love with it. I couldn't take it off so i put on my bra and a satin button through blouse and felt a wonderful feeling of femininity spearheaded by my first skirt. It is an unforgettable memory and it paved the way for my skirt collection to begin.
I so love wearing a skirt and when i am out i always admire the ladies in their lovely skirts.
FontanaSlips FontanaSlips
41-45, M
Jan 21, 2013