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Introducing Guys To Speedos

I like looking at guys in speedos. I have convinced a number of my guy friends to start wearing speedos. There is always some resistance, but I can sway them with enough time and persuasion. We frequently go to the pool or lake together. I've also talked my little brother (12) into wearing speedos.
hotnnow hotnnow 18-21, F 13 Responses Feb 7, 2012

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Speedos are uncomfortable. I'd rather be nude.

In our part of Australia most of the locals wear speedos, fish from the beach close to large crocs and work long hours picking fruit. The tourists from the south that seem to be frightened of crocs and work come to the beach on holliday and laugh at us.
The tourists from europe are often nudists and wear the smallest speedos i have ever seen if they bother to dress to go across the road to buy an ice cream.
The local girls wear bikinis and we don't complain about that either.

They need to be coached on how good they look, and how attractive I find them!

I wear a speedo at our pool. At first I did it privately, mostly because my wife would make fun of me. One day the neighbor saw me and gave me some flattering comments. I do work out and eve have a partial six pack. But, it was when my daughter's friends started giving me compliments, even telling me to wear my speed instead of my regular suit, that's when I realized my wife was wrong. Now I have a few different size speedos and I do like the ones that sit lower on the waist and have a thinner band going around the waist.

With a body like that you could convert any guy to any thing!

Awesome. if only there were more women like you in the country! I just got over my fear of wearing them in public - now I love it. I'm trying to convice a friend of mine to do it with me....any tips??

I wore speedos at a party with only girls there I ain't saying what happens to me but I wear em all the time now:P

I wear speedos my wife likes them ... but you could persued me ... oh the fun

I do not like girls that make fun of a boys choice of swimwear it is good to get a girl that loves them.

That's the spirit! Please make a trip around the world and convince all guys to wear speedos, not just your friends and family! ;)

Hotnow is right, she is only different in that she is open about it. Others seem to kinda look sideways, use mirrors, and so on, look when you are not looking yourself.

speedos are not cool they seem not write

Maybe it's your spelling?

I am sure that you are persuasive. Personally, I'd rather wear nothing.