First Speedo Experience

I've always wore a Speedo, and never used to think anything of it. Then when on holiday in Cyprus when I was about 14 or 15 people began to mock my swim briefs. I was contemplating switching to board shorts instead as all my friends do. But I then noticed a beach sports instructor who was on the beach every day, and wore a thong swim brief in public. He was clearly mocked by many young boys, but I remember him laughing it off and enjoying his freedom wearing a skimpy swimming trunks in public. So I thought I'll do just that.

I've always wore a Speedo ever since, and I get a rush wearing tight Speedos to the beach or pool and walking past young guys that once would have bothered me, but now I just enjoy showing off my skimpy little Speedos in front of straight guys. I occasionally also wear a jockstrap swimming trunk to expose my ***, and seeing guys stare at me is so thrilling!

So I look back at the days when I was a young 6 or 7 year old wearing my Speedo happily on the beach and I continue with the same attitude.
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5 Responses Jan 22, 2013

I don't own any speedos but I have gone to the pool/beach plenty of times wearing only a pair of skimpy white bikini briefs. Such a turn on

Good for you. Don't change your attitude! You rock!

Speedos is the only way to go!! Love it when young/ teen girls see my tiny bulge!!

Only problem i have a small babydick so not much of a bulge!! Still wear a speedo though!!

Would LOVE to trade speedos.. Prewarn

Where can you get by w/ a bare-*** swimsuit?